About Us


We're a community, that went through a lot. We exist since 2010, first as Arrows-Clan, then ARWS-Clan (because Battlefield only allowed 4 characters in the clantag), afterwards 7. Jagdgeschwader, 2. Gebirgsjägerkompanie, and finally this name. We started off as a gaming-community without inherent games, specialized on Armed Assault (ArmA) afterwards, and came back to being an open community, with emphasis on shooters, MOBAs and simulation


We represent a lot of games. It doesn't matter what you´re playing, you're always welcome here. We don't judge other games, even if we sometimes joke about some. You can even rage and flame, as long as you don't offend other members personally. If someone´s stuck on something, he's being helped. We appreciate social behavior. We prefer playing as a group rather than alone and no one gets left behind!


We had a lot of organization methods. Back in the days we thought, that a strict hierarchy was important. The problem was, we didn't think about the criteria for promotion, which lead to unfair promotions and chaos. We learned from our errors and created a kind of three-class-system.

Trial Members need to go through a two-week tryout phase.
Regular Members are all equal, regardless of their membership time.
Senior Members become their rank after two years of membership. They can give orders to regular members and can vote for changes in our two-weekly meetings.
Moderators are groups of people, who we trust and bring the needed know-how. They are responsible well-being of the community.
Administrators work on our servers and guarantee an excellent technical experience

A current list of members, their groups and country can be found here!

Further we have a meeting discussing topics about our community on tuesdays every two weeks. Decisions are made democratically and a protocol is written. The meetings can be attended by anyone accepting the meeting rules. The right to vote is preserved to the senior members.

What do we offer?

  • Growing community
  • Free membership
  • Own physical Server (in Nürnberg/Germany)
  • Multiple gameserver-licenses
  • Possible education (administration, coding)